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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Artists' Junque Sale Tremendous Success!

On Saturday, May 30th, Salida ArtWorks held its first annual Artists' Junque Sale at the Salida Scout Hut in Riverside Park. Artistic vendors included: Carol Cross, Donna Wagle, Suzy Patterson, Sue Keyes, Melissa Meyer, Sally Mathers & Jan, Susan Spohn, Jan Nice, Darlene Louche and Hannelore Gabriel. Curtis Killorn supplied steaming hot coffee and his great mix of music gave everyone a lift in their step as they shopped. Sue Keyes baked wonderful health muffins and brought the iced tea, and Suzy Patterson passed around chocolate chip cookies

Although many of the vendors when signing up for the event, protested that they only had a few items for the sale.... Tables and floors were over- flowing with wonderful art supplies in every medium, beautiful art work, beads, antiques, creative clothing, books, frames, canvas, scarves, mat board, masks, pottery, watercolors, colored pencils, acrylic mediums, paint brushes, feathers, raffia, unusual kitchen gadgets, jewelry, lights, frames, molds, storage units, and even a telescope! Such variety and SO MUCH STUFF! Everywhere you looked there was a bargain --- and the more you looked, the more treasures you uncovered.

Frenzied buying started hours before the official starting time of 9 am. First the vendors started buying from each other, and then folks started wandering in from the streets eager to get a head start on the shopping crowds. By 8:30 am, many vendors were exhausted by the rush of sales! Customers were amazed by the quality of merchandise and the give away prices. Most folks thanked the artists for pricing their wares so reasonably. Several vendors actually "sold out", and most left the sale with only a few items to take back home.

Customers and vendors alike were both asking, " When will Salida ArtWorks have another Junque Sale??"

Salida ArtWorks would like to thank all committee members for helping with the sale, and all the wonderful vendors for finding so many 'treasures' to sell, and for the great turn out of customers. We look forward to holding another Artists' Junque Sale!

-Susan Spohn

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