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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tango enthusiasts and Tango curious!

Please join us for an evening of Argentine Tango!

Thursday, July 9, 2009
Where: Rich Tyler and Roberta Smith's studio in Poncha Springs.
118 Halley's Alley (near CR 120 and Hwy 285 in Poncha Springs)

Class 7-8:30pm
Guided Practica 8:30 - 9:30pm
(see description below)

$10-15 (sliding scale)
Pre-registration is desired. Pay at the event. Please email or call Rebecca at 719-539-2321

This evening has been designed to be all inclusive! This means that no
matter the dance level you will benefit.

7:00 - 8:30pm *The Class* The first half an hour of this class will give absolute beginners a great introduction to Argentine Tango, and for the more seasoned dancers it will be a helpful refresher. In the following hour of the class we will build on information and movements taught in the beginning. We will work on a series of movements that will begin simple and continue to get more challenging.

We will cover the following elements: *the organic tango embrace* as the crux of communication, *exercises* in class with partners as well as some you can do at home on your own, *technique* that will begin to reveal the magic of the connection between leader and follower, and the importance of *dissociation *and* hip rotation* for both leaders and followers.

8:30 - 9:30pm *The Guided Practica*(practice). Adrian and Robyn will DJ music, answer questions, and perform. If there is desire for more advanced material we can give out more information one on one during the practica. We welcome any questions. Especially questions about musicality and musicality in dancing as Adrian is also a Tango musician.

Adrian and Robyn come to us from San Francisco where they are popular social dancers and occasional teachers. Their dancing is described as creative, fluid, playful, and musical. Robyn has been very involved in the San Francisco Tango community since she fell in love with the Tango four years ago. She has taught with Sean Dockery, Ben Thoma, and Charity Lebron. Adrian is an engineer turned musician. He co-founded Trio Garufa, the most danceable Argentine Tango ensemble in California. He spends a lot of time in Buenos Aires. There, he studied the dance with Marcelo Varela and Analia Vega, Gustavo Naveira, Sebastian Arce and Chico Frumboli. He has taught musicality classes with Homer Ladas and Trio Garufa.

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